Import 8th Periods to BbCU

This guide will help you use Ion's built-in functionality to quickly and easily create your eighth periods without having the enter all of the student information.‌

Mass Adding Students to 8th Period BbCU

NOTE: You must be a teacher or administrator to access this feature. Log into Ion and navigate to the attendance page of the activity you wish to import students from. Click the View in BbCU Format button beneath the attendance widget.‌

When the new tab opens, copy the contents of the screen. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+A, thenCtrl+C.‌

Navigate to, login to your account, then click on the session that you want to add students to.‌

Click Invitations, then Invite Attendees.‌

Open your browser's console (with Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome). You can ignore any red or yellow warnings that pop up. Paste the content you copied earlier into the console (with Ctrl+V) and hit Enter.‌

Again, you can ignore any warnings that might pop up. You should see a list of students pop up in the Invite Attendees portion of the page. Make sure to hit Save.