Ion Announcement Guidelines

Please consult these guidelines before requesting an Ion announcement.

The criteria for announcement posting may be periodically revised, but it includes the following:

  • The announcement must not violate any FCPS policy.

  • The announcement must have a direct relationship to sanctioned school activities.

  • It must not be inconsistent with the principal's directives.

  • The announcement should not have typos.

  • No announcement may be posted on behalf of a club not registered with the Eighth Period Office.

  • The announcement's content must also:

    • be of good taste

    • promote respectful behavior

    • use proper spelling/grammar

    • avoid excessive use of bolding, capitalization, or italicization

    • avoid use of copyrighted material without proper attribution

    • remain in compliance with CSL policies

    • not violate the law

  • Announcements should strive to avoid unnecessary repetition in the content being announced. For example, while it's okay for an eighth period club to advertise their existence once, announcements concerning a club should not be made every week.

  • When linking to external content, the linked content should be controlled by a trusted source, of good taste, and generally consistent with a school environment. Links should also not be broken, and these links should link to the intended destination.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to post an announcement rests solely in the approving Intranet administrators, subject to the principal's supervision.

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