You MUST have set your Ion/CSL password before you can set up your TJ Proxy.

Updating Firefox

This guide uses Firefox Quantum (Firefox version 57.0 and above). Menu designs changed and look very different from every version below that, so the guide will not accurately describe the steps you should take if your version is lower.

Steps to checking what version you have

For Windows

  1. Press Alt

  2. Mouse over Help

  3. Click About Firefox

For Macs

  1. Click Firefox at the top left

  2. Click About Firefox

If your About Firefox window shows Firefox Quantum, you have a late enough version. Otherwise, you will need to use this menu to restart and update Firefox until the About Firefox window shows Firefox Quantum.

Clearing Cache

Follow the instructions/screenshots below to setup your proxy:

Open the menu by clicking the three bars at the top-right and click on Options

Locate the search bar to the top right of the screen.

Search clear history and select the Clear History button.

  1. Change the time range to Everything.

  2. Make sure that Cache is selected under the History header

  3. Select Clear Now.

Configure Proxy

Now, search Network Settings and select Settings.

  1. Under the Configure Proxy Access to the Internet header, select Automatic proxy configuration URL.

  2. Put in the text field below.

  3. Select Reload and then OK.

Test it Out

Navigate to the Library Databases page a Under the Science Databases, select Access Science.

If the link provided showed up a s a 404, you are probably logged into your fcpsschools account. Try instead.

You may be presented with a password prompt. If so, type the username and password you use to log in to Ion.

Once you have successfully authenticated, you should see Access via Thomas Jefferson High School at the top right of the site.

If you encounter any issues while setting up the proxy, please see Troubleshooting Proxy issues.

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