Forwarding TJ Email

This guide will help you setup server-side email forwarding for your TJHSST email account using Ion. This filter will automatically keep a copy of your emails in your TJHSST inbox as a backup.

For any replies to emails to appear sent from your email, you must send them from the interface. If you reply to forwarded emails your email address will appear sent from your forwarded-to email address.

Setting Up Forwarding

To setup forwarding with Ion, click on this link. If prompted, log in with Ion. Enter the email you want to forward to, NOT your TJ email. Please keep in mind that we cannot forward to emails and the application will not allow you to specify one.

You should receive an email at the address you specified within 10 minutes. Follow the link in that email and enter the password that you use to log into Ion. Any emails sent to your will be automatically forwarded to the specified address.

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