Forwarding TJ Email

This guide will help you setup server-side email forwarding for your TJHSST email account using Ion. This filter will automatically keep a copy of your emails in your TJHSST inbox as a backup.

For any replies to emails to appear sent from your email, you must send them from the interface. If you reply to forwarded emails your email address will appear sent from your forwarded-to email address.

Setting Up Forwarding

To setup forwarding with Ion, click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your Webmail password and the email you want to forward to, NOT your TJ email. Your username will automatically be filled out for you.

You should get a popup that looks like the one below:

You should now test your new filter by sending a test email to yourself. If your filter is working correctly, you should receive a copy of your test message in the inbox of the account you specified above.